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After Effects® and Photoshop®

Animation and Production Effects for DV and Film

Second Edition

Connecting Photoshop, ImageReady, and After Effects

When you think about creating animation and motion graphics, Photoshop and ImageReady aren't necessarily the first applications that come to mind. Surprisingly, a lot of animation capability to create frame-by-frame animations and effects is available—and that capability is expanded when you use these programs in combination with After Effects. These chapters will walk you through some of the basics of the tools and options available and how best to utilize their functions.

Chapter 1 Basic ImageReady Animation, Tweening, and Layer Styles Chapter 2 Photoshop Layers and After Effects Chapter 3 3-D Layers from Photoshop Layers

Basic ImageReady Animation, Tweening, and Layer Styles

Photoshop and ImageReady work together as an image creator, editor, and animation tool. While Photoshop is the preferred tool to create content, ImageReady will put it into motion. Some of the projects in this chapter can be totally created in ImageReady. These animations can be exported as uncompressed QuickTime movies that you can import into After Effects. We will cover some animations that just can't be created any other way (for example, animated layer styles).

Chapter Contents

Turning Photoshop Layers into Frames Pre-Animation: Painless Tweening in ImageReady Applying Depth and Realism to Animations

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