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Most common animation techniques, such as moving and blending object and text layers in a sequence, are best left for video compositing tools such as Adobe After Effects. Still, there are many animation techniques that can be done quickly and easily with ImageReady and that require very little programming or timeline editing. These techniques are covered in detail throughout this book, and references will be made to the Animation palette.

The Animation palette (Figure 1.4) is the heart of creating animations in ImageReady. It's a very intuitive layout for frame-by-frame animation sequences, with advanced features such as tweening and frame generation from layers. Getting familiar with the features and buttons on the palette will help speed up your animation process.



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Figure 1.4 Features of the Animation palette

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® Tweens animation frames

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Figure 1.4 Features of the Animation palette

We'll create a simple one-layer animation to familiarize you with the Animation palette. To begin, create a single object on a new layer. Move the object on a single layer, using the Animation palette, and click the Duplicates current frame button.

After duplicating the frame, and with the frame selected in the palette, use the Move tool to relocate the object on the layer to another area in the window. The Animation palette will show the updated frame. Shift+click the two frames in the palette to select them, and click the Tweens Animation Frames button to bring up the Tween dialog box (Figure 1.5) to add a few frames "in between" the selected frames. Select the All Layers and Position options, and set the number of frames to add. In this example, only five frames were added.


Tween With: Selection

Frames to Acid: S

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@ All Layers

O Selected Layers


^ Position

|_! Opacity

□ Effects

Figure 1.5 Select two frames on the Animation palette and click the Tweens Animation Frames button to select how many frames to add.

Note: You can find more information about tweening in the Animation palette later in this chapter. See "Pre-Animation: Painless Tweening in ImageReady."

Continue duplicating frames, moving the object layer and tweening to create a simple animation that can be played back from the palette for preview. Select the Play button on the Animation palette to preview the animation, or use the Preview In Default Browser button on the toolbar to view in real time.

To adjust the playback speed of all frames, choose the Select All Frames option from the palette menu, and select the frame delay to set (see Figure 1.6). The frames can be adjusted individually as well.

Figure 1.6 Adjusting the frame delay

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