Ultimatte Advant Edge

Ultimatte is the true pioneer of chroma keying technology and has won several awards for advances in compositing hardware and software. Ultimatte AdvantEdge is the most sophisticated keying plug-in available for After Effects and Photoshop, and it actually operates as a separate application when the effect is applied.

With an easy-to-navigate interface and live previews of any phase of the composition, Ultimatte has made AdvantEdge user friendly for beginners and powerful enough for the top professional. You can save color corrections, color matching, and matte settings for repeated application in your projects—and it offers advanced controls and a navigable histogram for each session for multiple Undos (Figure 9.8).

Note: To try a demo of Ultimatte AdvantEdge,visit their website at www.ultimatte.com.The User Guide for Ultimatte AdvantEdge is included on the DVD.

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