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This ebook course teaches you everything that you need to know about the tricks that the best players use to play at the top of their game. You will learn all of the skills that the pros use to make sure that their game is the very best. This ebook comes with the full 120 page ebook on swing mechanics, videos to demonstrate the concepts, an audio version of the book that you can listen to on your own time, a 14 day email program that gives you other helpful tips and tricks, and lifetime updates to the content as well as article recommendations for you to take advantage of. This is more than a book; it is a collection of the best specialized knowledge that you will need to know in order to play like the best of the best do. Learn today how to play with the pros. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

The author presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this manual are precise.

Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Lower-contrast image on the right.

Figure 2.27 shows my baseball picture after I experimented with the Unsharp Mask filter to optimize the sharpness. The view is still not as good as a front row seat, but then, I didn't have to pay a lot for my tickets or tote around a mammoth telephoto lens, either. If nothing else, Photoshop helped me create a souvenir of an exciting game.

Figure 2.20. This true telephoto shot can be mimicked in Photoshop.

Figure 2.21 represents a combination of best possible worst possible scenario. On the plus side, I managed front row seats next to the dugout on the first-base side for this professional baseball game, and I was armed with an awesome 14-megapixel pro-level digital camera. Unfortunately, when the action started, I had a 28mm non-zoom lens mounted on the camera. So, I ended up with a big picture view that took in most of the infield and rendered the players a lot smaller than I would have liked.

Fixing Chromatic Aberration

Figure 2.58 shows an image that's been enlarged so you can see the chromatic aberration, which is most noticeable as the blue yellow (green) fringing around the shoulders of the softball player's jersey. To partially fix this problem, I used Filters Distort Lens Correction to produce the Lens Correction dialog box shown in Figure 2.59. Then, in the Chromatic Aberration area of the dialog box, I moved the Blue Yellow Fringe slider all the way to the right. (I unchecked the Grid box at the bottom of the dialog to produce an unobstructed view of the original image, too.) While this didn't fix all the color fringing problems in the image, it did eliminate the green fringe in the jersey's shoulders.

Chapter 5. Compositing in Photoshop CS

Fortunately, compositing is perfectly fine if you're not a news organization or corporation charged with presenting a truthful image. After all, what are you to do when a hated ex-brother-in-law mugging in the center of a treasured family portrait ruins the photo for generations to come Do you want a photograph of the Eiffel Tower in downtown Wichita, Kansas Would that Little League photo of your kid be a little more interesting if you could show a baseball intersecting the bat Compositing is the perfect solution.

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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