Pin Light Bleach

Here's a simple recipe for producing a bleached, high-contrast image on a colored background. Highlights are progressively blown out by the Blend If si ider, but a softer and more colorful result is achieved using Pin Light or another of the contrast group of blending modes.

1 In the Layers palette, create a new layer by clicking the "Create a new layer" icon, or use Ctrl/Cmd-J

2 Fill the new layer with a color by selecting Edit > Fill and choosing Color in the Fill dialog box—white is a good starting point

High-key I

This recipe always produces a high-key result The 126/210 on the Pin Light layer records the positions of the two white Blend If sliders

3 In the Layers palette, use Ctrl/Cmd-J to copy the original image Drag the new layer to the top of the layer

4 Using the pull-down blending menu in the Layers palette (or the shortcut Alt/Opt-Shift-Z), set the new layer's blending mode to Pin Light and name it

"Pin Light"

5 Double-click the Pin Light layer's thumbnail image, and in the Layer Styles dialog box, drag the white triangle on the Blend If (This Layer) slider The image's highlights will start to disappear

6 Hold down the Alt/Opt key and drag the left half of the white triangle away from the right Then adjust both halves to control the smoothness of the transition of the highlights

Original image.

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