Ultrawide Sharpening

Photoshop is full of surprises. Here's an effect that started off with a blurred, inverted Color Dodge layer. Usually, this is a good base for a line drawing—the degree of blur controls the lines' strength. But instead of using blur, I wanted to see the effect of applying the Unsharp Mask filter over a wide area—that is, pushing up its radius slider. It took no time to repeat the process with Ctrl/Cmd-F and discover that evenly toned areas could be bleached and the details could be fringed with the original image colors. It's such an easy recipe and can be applied to all sorts of pictures.

1 In the Layers palette, duplicate the original image layer by dragging the background layer onto the "Create a new layer" icon, or use Ctrl/Cmd-J

2 Using the pull-down blending mode menu in the Layers palette or the shortcut Alt/Opt-Shift-D, change the new layer's blending mode to Color Dodge, and name it "Color Dodge."

3 Invert the Color Dodge layer with Ctrl/Cmd-I The image should now appear completely white

4 In the Layers palette, use Ctrl/Cmd-J to make two copies of the original image layer, and drag them to the top of the layer stack Name one "Color" and one "Color Burn," and set their blending modes accordingly Drag the "Color Burn" layer to the top of the stack

5 Activate the inverted Color Dodge layer and sharpen it Use Filter

> Sharpen > Unsharp Mask Set the amount at 200 or more and push up the radius to at least 50 Leave the threshold value low, such as below 5 Click OK Repeat the filter for a more intense effect

6 For other interesting results, experiment with changing the opacity of the various blend layers

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