First I'd like to thank my wife, Jenn, for her loving support and encouragement throughout this project.

I'd like to thank all those at Sybex who worked on this book for their help in publishing this, my first book as sole author. Although I've worked on numerous Sybex books in various supporting roles, and I self-publish many digital books and video courses, it is quite an honor for me to see this book in printed form.

Thanks to Willem Knibbe for believing in me and presenting the opportunity to write this book. Thanks go to Pete Gaughan for his unfailing support and excellent editorial feedback, making this a much better book. Thanks to Ryan Spruston for being a great technical editor and to Pat Coleman for very helpful copyediting. Lori Newman also deserves thanks for keeping all those working on this project on track.

Special thanks to Richard Trueman, Stephane Osmont, Christian Sterner, Chan Lee, Michael Sech-man, and David Wright, who have all taught me a lot and offered their support over the years.

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