Adding Entourage

Adding human entourage gives the viewer a sense of scale, and adding vegetation can soften the building and provide context for the construction. You will use the entourage library developed in Chapter 4, "You and Your Entourage," to enhance this elevation.

It is wise to create a layer set when you anticipate creating a series of related layers; the added organization will help you navigate a crowded Layers palette.

1. If you have E1evation4.psd open from the previous exercise, you can continue here; if not, open that file from the companion CD before continuing.

2. Create a new layer set called Entourage: click the Create A New Set button in the Layers palette, double-click Set 1, and rename it.

3. Open the file EntourageLibrary.psd from the Chapter 4 folder on the companion CD.

4. Drag the WomanFront layer into the Elevation4 document window; it appears in the Entourage layer set. Minimize the EntourageLibrary.psd window for now; you will need it later in this section.

5. Select the Move tool in the toolbox, and drag the woman's feet to rest on the ground line. Press Ctrl+T for transform, and then hold down Shift to lock the aspect ratio. Drag one of the upper handles downward until the woman's eyes align with the third reveal. Press the Commit button on the Options bar. Drag the woman in front of the door, with her toes slightly below the ground line, as shown in Figure 6.32. Apply a Drop Shadow; in the Layer Style dialog box, set a 13 px Distance and 9 px Size.

6. Notice that the entourage (and her shadow) extends below the building. Let's hide this by adding a shape layer that also visually grounds the building. Select the Rectangle tool in the toolbox. On the Options bar, click the Shape Layers button and change the color swatch to medium gray. Drag out a long thin rectangle that aligns with the bottom of the building (see Figure 6.33).

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