Applying Grain in Two Directions

Now you will create another material-based layer and fill it with a pattern from your custom library. Let's apply a vertical grain mahogany pattern to the counter surrounding the sink and a horizontal grain mahogany surrounding the stove. To apply two different patterns, we need a transition line on the line-work layer.

1. Create a new layer (press Shift+Ctrl+N). In the New Layer dialog box, type Mahogany Vertical Grain, give the layer a red color, and click OK. Fill the right side of the bar countertop with black. Apply a Pattern Overlay layer style. Choose Mahogany from the Pattern Picker and click OK to close the Layer Style dialog box. Figure 5.36 shows the results so far.

2. Select the Kitchen-A-mlwk-lowr layer. Select the Line tool in the toolbox; on the Options bar, select Fill Pixels mode, set Width to 1 pixel, and uncheck Anti-aliased. Hold down the Shift key and draw a line at a 45° angle across the countertop as indicated in Figure 5.36.

3. Click the Mahogany Vertical Grain layer, and use the Paint Bucket to fill in black in the area surrounding the sink. The pattern appears immediately because any black pixels on this layer have the Pattern Overlay effect already applied.

4. Create a new layer called Mahogany Horizontal Grain. (Press Shift+Ctrl+N, name the layer, give it an orange color to differentiate it, and click OK in the New Layer dialog box.) Select the Magic Wand tool (press W). On the Options bar, set Tolerance to 1, uncheck Anti-aliased, and check Contiguous and Use All Layers. Click inside the counter area surrounding the stove. Click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom of the Layers palette to turn the selection into a mask (see Figure 5.37).

Figure 5.37

Adding a layer mask from the Magic Wand selection


J Lay®'*

\chsnn»b Piths



"H Opaefcyi I 1C0% 1 ►

L«ki q y 4* a fiii i wo*


| Htchin-A-rribAfe-Jowr



S31 " |l I HurfcMUfl Grain

j 1 j Mahogany 1/erticaJ Grain


jffr Pattern Ovi'ljy


j l _ j Wdnut

T 0


ty Drop Shadow

rj Pilfem Owlljf


| ■ | Kitehin-A-fnWt-ilnd




iijt D*op Shadow

tjf Color Overlay


iyt Piltem Owls*

-a. oi a t.

a i


5. Click the thumbnail of the Mahogany Horizontal grain layer to activate it. Select the Paint Bucket tool (press G); change the Fill drop-down to Pattern and select the Mahogany pattern from the Pattern Picker. On the Options bar, uncheck All Layers, and then click anywhere in the document window to fill the layer with the pattern.

6. Unlink the mask from its layer: click the link icon between the layer thumbnail and the mask thumbnail in the Layers palette. Transform the layer (press Ctrl+T). In the Set Rotation text box on the Options bar, type 90. Finally, drag the pattern over to the right so that it fills the masked area, and click the Commit button on the Options bar. Figure 5.38 shows the result.

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