Applying Patterns

Sometimes you want to create more than one pattern on a line-work layer. You can do so by applying layer styles to new layers instead of to line-work layers:

1. Turn off the Kitchen-A-mlwk-uppr layer that contains the upper cabinets. Create a new layer by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N and type the name Walnut in the New Layer dialog box. Choose Red from the Color drop-down (to help differentiate the new layer from the other line-work layers) and click OK.

2. Select the Paint Bucket tool if it is not already selected. Make sure All Layers is checked on the Options bar; this feature allows the Paint Bucket to identify a boundary from all visible layers while depositing its pixel paint on the current layer (Walnut). Click the outer part of the bar countertop to fill this area with black. Click again on the desk at the bottom of the kitchen, as shown in Figure 5.34.

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