Composing the Scene

Now that you are familiar with the scene, it is time to set up the camera to create a composition that you will later render. You will need to adjust the camera angle and output size so that the composition takes in the entire building in two-point perspective.

Before you can truly compose the scene, you have to select an output size because the composition will relate to the image aspect ratio of the width and height values you select. You'll then need to see the image aspect in the viewport before you can settle on a composition.

1. Press C to enter the Camera viewport. The point of view changes as you leave the Perspective viewport and enter the Camera view (see Figure 7.5).

2. Right-click the viewport name (the word Camera) in the upper-left corner of the viewport. Choose Select Camera from this viewport menu (see Figure 7.6).

3. Select the Select And Move tool (press W). Notice that the Z transform type-in at the bottom of the user interface shows an elevation of 5~FT for the camera. Because the ground plane is at an elevation of 0, the camera height approximates eye level on the ground for most people. To make a realistic rendering of this building, you will be committed to rendering from this vantage point, rather than from a point hovering in space above the ground (as if the camera were in a helicopter). In this way, the rendering you make will truthfully represent what a person would see from the street.

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Figure 7.6

Accessing the viewport menu

Figure 7.6

Accessing the viewport menu

4. Open the Render Scene dialog box (press F10). Click the Common tab if it is not already selected. In the Output Size group, enter 768 for Width and 1024 for Height (values in pixels). Notice that the Image Aspect parameter reads 0.75, meaning this is the relationship you are selecting of width to height in your output (see Figure 7.7).

5. Right-click the viewport name and choose Show Safe Frame. The outer rectangle in Figure 7.8 displays the image aspect ratio of your chosen output size. You can disregard the inner rectangles as they are for live-action sequences.

Clearly there is a problem with the composition in Figure 7.8; about half the image shows the ground. Because you want to keep the camera on the ground in a realistic viewing location, you will need to rotate the camera upward to see the top of the building.

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