Figure 4.21

The Color Range dialog box

18. Choose Select > Feather to open the Feather dialog box. Set Feather Radius to 1 pixel, and then click OK. This essentially creates a selection with 50% opacity along the edges of the tree and all its leaves.

19. Press Ctrl+H to hide the marching ants. Now clear the selection (press either Backspace or Delete). The edges of all the leaves are softened slightly.

WARNING Hide the selection before making subtle adjustments to a selection boundary; otherwise, the marching ants will obscure any changes. The selection remains hidden until you either deselect it or press Ctrl+H again.

20. Save your work as P1umTree2.psd.

If you are going to continue working through the following sections, leave this file open for now. Congratulations on properly extracting the plum tree from its natural outdoor background!

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