Figure 4.28

Drag-and-drop entourage

Drag this layer from the Layers palette...

Drag this layer from the Layers palette...

.. .and drop it onto the elevation here.

3. Choose the Move tool (press V). Then press Ctrl+T to switch into Transform mode, or choose Edit > Transform > Scale. Click the Maintain Aspect Ratio button. (The icon looks like two chain links.) This mode ensures that width and height values remain equal when you scale the layer; otherwise, distortion occurs.

Click inside the Width text box, and then press and hold the Down arrow key to decrease the numeric values quickly. Release the Down arrow key when the values in the W and H text boxes reach 20%.

4. Place your mouse inside the entourage's transform bounding box (the cursor is shown inside in Figure 4.29), and drag the figure down to the ground line.

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