Figure 4.30

Dropping a shadow with style

6. The circular Angle graph in the Structure group represents the angle of illumination; however, shadows are 180° out of phase with Photoshop's global light because shadows are ultimately cast by the light source. To move the direction of the shadow below and to the left of the figure, drag the line in the Angle graph to 45°.

7. To make the shadow appear farther from the person, increase the Distance slider to 12 pixels. To soften the shadow, increase the Size slider to 5 pixels. Tone down the darkness of the shadow by decreasing the Opacity slider to 46%, just above the Angle graph. Click OK to close the Layer Style dialog box.

TIP Another way to control a slider is to click inside its text box and then press the Up arrow or Down arrow key, instead of dragging the sliders with the mouse. Each press of these keys changes the values slowly and doesn't require that you input numeric values on the keyboard.

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