Figure 4.41

Copy the diffuse map to the opacity Map.

Drag the map from here.

Right now you have an identical copy of the diffuse map in the Opacity channel. You still must change the output of the opacity map to read the alpha channel of the image; otherwise, it reads the RGB values by default to determine opacity.

6. Click the M button next to the Opacity channel to enter a deeper level of the material hierarchy. The Bitmap controls appear in the Material Editor. Scroll down and locate the Bitmap Parameters rollout. Click the Alpha radio button in the Mono Channel Output group. Click the Go To Parent button to return to the top level of the material hierarchy.

7. Make sure the WomanStanding geometry is still selected, and then click the Assign Material To Selection button.

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8. To see the bitmap on the object, the viewport shading must be set to Smooth and Highlights. To change from wire-frame shading, right-click the viewport name in the upper-left corner, and select Smooth + Highlights from the list.

9. You still can't see the entourage on the object until you click the Show Map In Viewport button. Click this button to display the entourage in the viewport. You might also need to check Self-Illumination in order to see the figure in your viewport.

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TIP If the entourage looks too bright in renderings, try decreasing the RGB Level parameter in the Output rollout of the Diffuse Color bitmap. You shouldn't illuminate entourage images with 3D lights because the entourage was already lit in the photograph.

The final version of the entourage is shown in Figure 4.42. The Autodesk VIZ 2005 file WomanStanding.max is provided on the CD for your reference. You must place this file in the same folder as WomanStanding.tif before opening it.

Figure 4.42

The entourage mapped to an object in a 3D scene

Figure 4.42

The entourage mapped to an object in a 3D scene

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