Figure 5.34

Filling the bar counter I

and desk with black EES SB I

3. Apply a Pattern Overlay effect to the Walnut layer; on the bottom of the Layers palette, click the Add A Layer Style button and select Pattern Overlay from the menu. In the Layer Style dialog box, open the Pattern Picker and click the triangle button. Select My Patterns from the menu (created in the last section). Click OK when the small warning dialog box appears. Select the Walnut pattern from the Pattern Picker. Click OK to close the Layer Style dialog box.

4. In the Layers palette, drag the Drop Shadow effect you've already built from the Kitchen-A-mlwk-ilnd layer to the Walnut layer. Figure 5.35 shows where to start dragging and where to drop the effect so that it becomes part of the Walnut layer.

TIP Save time by reusing Layer Style Effects! Figure 5.35

...and drop the effect just below the destination layer name.

Drag and drop Layer Style Effects

Drag the effect from its icon here.
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