Figure 5.39

The Satin effect

8. You can fill small areas directly with the Pencil tool one pixel at a time; let's fill in the barstool legs in this way. Select the Kitchen-A-furn layer where the barstool line work resides. Using the Pencil tool, draw in the barstool legs in medium gray with black tips, one pixel at a time (see Figure 5.40). Zoom in as close as necessary to see the pixels. Be careful not to color outside the lines!

NOTE Don't worry if the line work looks ragged up close; it will appear smooth when you zoom out and perceive the entire composition.

9. Create a new layer called Refrigerator and make it blue in the New Layer dialog box. Use the Paint Bucket to fill the refrigerator in with black.

10. Apply a Gradient Overlay effect to the Refrigerator layer. In the Layer Style dialog box (see Figure 5.41), select the Black To White gradient from the Gradient Picker. Check Reverse and set Angle to 125°. Increase the Scale slider to the right end at 150% to create a more gradual transition from black to white. Click OK.

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