Figure 5.41

The Gradient Overlay effect

11. Create a new layer called Sinks and make it blue in the New Layer dialog box. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the two sinks with black. Apply a Gradient Overlay effect. In the Layer Style dialog box, check Reverse, select the reflected style (essentially two linear gradients reflected in the middle), set Scale to 150%, and click OK. Figure 5.42 shows the gradients you applied to the refrigerator and sinks.

12. Click on the Kitchen-A-mlwk-uppr layer. Apply a Stroke effect (see Figure 5.43). In the Layer Style dialog box, set Size to 1 pixel, set the Position drop-down to Outside if it not already, and click OK. This process outlines the existing line work with 1 red pixel on either side of the line, to indicate the line of the upper cabinets that are above the plan cutline.

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