Figure 5.43

The Stroke effect

A full-height cabinet is adjacent to the refrigerator. Now that the stroke is visible, you can see the boundary for this cabinet. Let's use both color overlay and inner shadow effects to help render this object.

13. Create a new layer called Cabinet and make it violet. Use the Paint Bucket to fill black into the cabinet's boundary surrounding the refrigerator. Apply a Color Overlay effect. In the Layer Style dialog box, click the color swatch in the Color group to open the Color Picker. Notice that your cursor is an eyedropper and that the Color Picker is open so that you can also sample colors from the document window. Instead of selecting a color from the Color Picker, click one of the mahogany countertops to select a light brown hue, and then click OK to close the Color Picker.

14. Click Inner Shadow in the left pane of the Layer Style dialog box (see Figure 5.44). Set the Opacity slider to 52%, set Distance and Choke to 0, set Size to 81 pixels, and then click OK to close the dialog box.

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