Figure 5.60

Adding numbers above and text below the scale bar and positioning it on the sheet

20. Select Layer 1 (containing your project image) in the Layers palette and rename it Composite. Select the Gradient tool in the toolbox. (It is under the Paint Bucket.) Open the Gradient Picker and select Foreground To Transparent.

21. On the Options bar, click the Linear Gradient button (first on the left) and check Transparency. Hold down the Alt key and click the off-white canvas color to place it in the foreground color swatch in the toolbox.

22. You have to repeatedly apply the Gradient tool to progressively fade the edges: Hold down the Shift key and drag a line approximately 2 inches in length across the edge of the project image from left to right. Do this five to ten times until the edge of the composite layer fades away. Repeat this process by dragging a vertical gradient along the lower edge from bottom to top to fade the edge to transparency. Figure 5.61 shows the final sheet. There is also a version of this image in the color section.

23. Save your work as Kitchen3.psd. This file is also provided on the companion CD for your reference.

Congratulations on completing the kitchen plan!

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