Figure 5.9

The Plot Style Table Settings dialog

Figure 5.10

The Plot Styles window

Fie Edit View Favorites Tods Hefe |tUI

■+-H- i- - ^ - | '^Search -^Fdder


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Type V |

i kb


1 ^'monochrome. stb

1 kb

AutoCAD Hot Style Table Fife

=T Autodesk-MO WO. stb

1 tB

AutoCAD Plot Style Table File


t KB

AutoCAD Plot 5tyle Table Fife

1 spaced, stb

1 KB

AutoCAD Rot Style 1 able File

[^Screening 75%.cth


AutoCAD Cobf-dependertt Pfot SLyle Table Fife

Is^Screenng 50% .ctb

5 kb

AutoCAD Color-dependent Rot Style Table File

: ^ Screen ng 25% .ctb


AutoCAD Cofct-deperdent Pfot Style Table File

[^Screening ICO%.ctb

5 KB

AutoCAD Cobr-dependertt Rot Style Tab!; File

|! ^monochrome, ctb


AutoCAD Cobr-dependent Rot Style Table Rle



AutoCAD Cobr-dependert Pfot Style Tabte rite

SpFil Patterns, ctb


AutoCAD Cob-dependert Rot Style Table Rle

IT^DWF Vrtual Pa-e.ctt-


AutoCAD Cofcr-deperdent Rot Style Table File



AutoCAD Cok>r-<±;per,derife Rot StybTdbfe Fit

<! M

Location: C:\Proqrarr) Rles\AutoCAD 200S

645 bytes My Corrputer

TIP You can also access the Plot Styles folder by using the STYLESMANAGER command in AutoCAD.

4. Read the introductory message and then click Next. Make sure the Start From Scratch radio button is selected on the Begin screen and click Next. Choose Color Dependent Plot Style Table, and click Next to open the File Name screen.

5. Type the name Images in the text box, and click Next again. Click the Plot Style Table Editor button to open the Plot Style Table Editor dialog box, as shown in Figure 5.11.

6. Click the Form View tab if it is not already selected. Drag out a selection window in the Plot Styles list box that shows the color numbers. Keep dragging until the list automatically scrolls and all 255 colors are selected.

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