Figure 6.14

Creating niches with inner shadows

4. Create a new layer called Inner; notice that it automatically appears in the Ornament set. Using the Paint Bucket, click inside the inner boundary of the ornament (see Figure 6.15). Press Ctrl+F to reapply the last-used filter (Noise); the inner layer gains texture. Apply an Inner Shadow effect to the Inner layer with 50% Opacity, 5 px Distance, and 5 px Size.

5. Create a new layer called Outer. Sample the Accent Stone color in the Swatches palette. Use the Paint Bucket to fill the outer boundary of the ornament. Press Ctrl+F to apply the Noise filter again. Apply the following layer style effects:

Drop Shadow 75% Opacity, 5 px Distance, 0% Spread, and 5 px Size.

Bevel And Emboss Select Inner Bevel Style, Chisel Hard Technique, 70% Depth, Up Direction, 5 px Size, and 0 px Soften.

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