Figure 6.16

Completing the ornament


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The window boxes just below the three separate windows are yet to be filled into the elevation. Before casting shadows from the window boxes, texture the window boxes by adding fill to existing layers. The way to do this depends on how the existing layers were made, and adapting your procedure to the existing setup is an important skill to learn.

TIP In real projects you will often have to change the content of existing layers simply because you won't think of everything at the beginning of your project or be perfectly organized throughout. Therefore, it's important to know how to adjust work you've already performed.

7. Select the Accent Stone layer. Using the Paint Bucket tool, fill black into the boundaries, as shown in Figure 6.17. Because this layer is controlled by layer style effects, filling in black is all you have to do here. In many ways, using layer style effects is preferable to other techniques because of how easy it is to edit them.

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