Figure 6.6

A sample of granite

WARNING If you haven't created a custom pattern library (see Chapter 5), choose Reset Patterns from the Pattern menu. You can add the Granite pattern to the default library instead.

10. With the Granite document window selected, choose Edit > Define Pattern to open the Pattern Name dialog box. Type Granite in the Pattern Name dialog box and click OK to add this to the current pattern library. Close Granite.jpg without saving.

In contrast to filling boundaries with a specific color, layer style effects require only that pixels be placed on a new layer to indicate where these effects are made visible. (The pixels can be any color, but they should be black for consistency.)

11. Press D to set the default colors (black in the foreground). Turn off the Field Stone layer visibility. Create a new layer called Accent Stone, and give the layer an orange color. Select the Paint Bucket and change the Fill drop-down list box to Foreground on the Options bar. Click inside each boundary to fill the locations with black, as shown in Figure 6.7.

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