Figure 6.8

Pattern Overlay

13. Click Color Overlay in the left pane of the Layer Style dialog box. Click the color swatch in the Color group to open the Color Picker. Instead of selecting a color, hover your mouse over the Swatches palette. (You might have to drag the Color Picker and/or Layer Style dialog boxes out of the way.) Click the Accent Stone swatch to sample its color, and then click OK to close the Color Picker. Change the blend mode to Overlay and drag the Opacity slider to 70%. Click OK to close the Layer Style dialog box, and turn the Field Stone layer back on.

Now you will cut reveals into the fieldstone, patterning the surface with evenly spaced horizontal lines. You will do this by drawing lines in a shape layer and applying layer style effects.

14. Double-click the Zoom tool in the toolbox to switch to 100% magnification so that you can see line work with the most clarity. Select the Line tool in the toolbox. On the Options bar, click Shape Layers mode and set Weight to 1 pixel. Hold down the Shift key and trace a line on top of the horizontal line that cuts through the fieldstone, as shown in Figure 6.9. Rename the Shape 1 layer to Reveals.

15. Select the Path Selection tool (press A). Drag a selection window around the entire line you drew in the previous step to select all four of its path handles. Press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V to duplicate the path. (Copying the linear path on the vector mask allows duplicate reveals to remain on a single shape layer.) Drag the path upward and then hold down the Shift key to constrain it vertically; drop the new path halfway between its original location and the lower edge of the accent stone (see Figure 6.10). Do this again, making another copy of the line halfway down to the base. Click the Commit button on the Options bar.

Figure 6.10

Copy the path twice.

Figure 6.10

Copy the path twice.

16. Apply a Stroke effect to the Reveals shape layer. In the Layer Style dialog box, click the color swatch in the Fill Type group. When the Color Picker opens, drag your mouse over the field-stone in the document window. The active color changes in real time in the Color Picker. Release the mouse button when a dark-brown hue appears in the picker, and then close it by clicking OK. Apply the following parameters in the Layer Style dialog box:

Color Overlay Set Size to 2 px and Position to Center.

Drop Shadow Use a 45° angle, 3 px distance, 0% spread, and 5 px size.

Close the Layer Style dialog box, zoom out to 50% and take a look (see Figure 6.11).

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