Figure 7.1

The 3D model in VIZ

Omni lights

Omni lights

Camera Direct light Building 3D model Ground plane

Omni lights illuminate in all directions, and two are used for basic or ambient light in the scene. These are set to render with a multiplier of 0.5 (each at half of normal intensity) so as not to wash out the scene with too much illumination. Because the omnis simulate ambient light, they are not set to cast shadows. One omni light source is below the ground plane; this acts as a backlight to round out illumination on the building.

A direct light is positioned in relation to the building as if it were the sun in the midafternoon. You will be using the direct light to cast shadows on the building later in this section.

NOTE If you are interested in making a more accurate lighting simulation, use the Sunlight system instead of a direct light in VIZ. The Sunlight system is an accurate sun-angle calculator that takes geographic location and time into account to locate the light source.

A single camera is also provided in the scene to get you started framing your composition. The building model itself is composed of several objects. To investigate this, look at objects by name:

3. Open the Select Objects dialog box (press H), as shown in Figure 7.2. All the objects in the scene are shown, including the lights and the camera. To display a listing of the geometrical objects only, click the None button in the List Types group, and then check Geometry to display this category in the list box.

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