Figure 7.23

Creating a new document

2. Open all the Targa images you rendered in the last section, if they are not already open. Choose Window > Framing.tga to maximize the Framing document window. Minimize all other windows except for the CompositingProject itself.

3. Select the Move tool (press V). Drag from the Framing window and drop into the Compositing Project window. The Framing layer is transferred but is not in the correct location yet.

4. While you're in the Compositing Project window, drag the Framing layer around both horizontally and vertically until you "feel" it snap into position. There will be a positive stop in both directions, and you'll know the layer has come to rest in the correct location.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each of the remaining rendered images. You will end up with a CompositingProject that contains all the other images as masked layers. Figure 7.24 shows the Layers palette after all the rendered images have been integrated into a single document.

6. Close all the documents without saving except for CompositingProject.

Figure 7.24

The Layers palette with composited renderings

j L4v4n

: \ Chsrtnak \ Paths ^B

|l^rrr>J _lJ QP-II^I 1 LJH& 1 ' 1

II / 4- a Fll; 1 liZ-h | • |

* J

ll _j| ^ 1 Masonry




• rf

»r ■

:*! jjj Shadow

» rf

Glass tight



flj m Glasi

* ■

H Sunshade

• ■ ■

JjlilJ Ground

* -

III H Framrg

• r

| Background ^


J J iJ 3


0 0

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