Figure 8.24

Selecting additional Normal surfaces

13. Press Ctrl+5 to select the ObjectID channel. On the Options bar, click the Subtract From Selection button. Click the shutters, window, door, and roof edge inside the selection to remove these areas (see Figure 8.25).

14. Click the Actions palette. Click the Create A New Action button to open the New Action dialog box. In the Name text box, type Prepare for Painting. Choose Custom from the Set drop-down list box if it's available; otherwise, choose Default Actions. Select F12 as the Function Key and check Shift. Click Record.

NOTE We created the Custom action set in Chapter 7.

15. Press Ctrl+—. Create a new layer and then add a layer mask. Click Layer 3's layer thumbnail. Click the Stop Playing/Recording button at the bottom of the Actions palette, and your palette should look like that in Figure 8.26.

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