Figure 8.25

Subtract these areas from the selection with the ObjectID channel.

Figure 8.26

After recording the Prepare For Painting action


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16. Now much of the prep work is automated. For each layer you want to mask, make a selection and play the action: Use the Normal (Ctrl+5) and/or ObjectID (Ctrl+6) channels to make a selection, adding or subtracting from its boundary with the Magic Wand as you see fit. Press Shift+F12, and you'll be ready for painting.

The rest of this project's masking is left for you to complete. I recommend making layer sets for roof, windows, doors, posts, and ground. (You'll need these sets to continue following along with the instructions later in this chapter.) Fill the layer sets with sequentially named layers as you mask surfaces. You can either mask these layers now or wait until after you have done some painting in the next section.

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