Figure 8.28

The custom color swatches for the farmhouse scene

NOTE Before you begin painting, spend some time choosing a color palette in your own projects; add these colors to the Swatches palette and save it as a swatch library. Alternatively, you might find color inspiration by opening a piece of art you'd like to emulate and using the eyedropper to sample its colors.

4. Click the eye icons of the Farmhouse and Sky layers in the Layers palette to toggle them off. Select Layer 1 in the Walls layer set. Press the backslash key (\) to toggle rubylith mode on. This mode displays the currently selected layer's mask in transparent red and is helpful to visualize which portions of a layer are masked (rubylith) and which are revealed (white).

5. Click the Dark Red swatch to load this color into the foreground swatch in the toolbox. On the Options bar, change Flow to 50%. Make a few brush strokes on the surface that is revealed through the mask (see Figure 8.29). Be careful not to completely cover the surface; try to leave some white areas that do not have any paint applied.

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