Figure 8.9

The Object Properties G-Buffer Object Channel

To differentiate the objects in the G-Buffer, you would have to give each and every object in the scene a unique ObjectID, a tedious process. Instead, use the ObjectIDAssigner MAXScript; it assigns sequential ObjectIDs to each object automatically.

3. Click the Utilities tab of the Command Panel. Click the MAXScript button in the Utilities rollout.

4. Click the Open Script button, and then select the file from the companion CD to open a MAXScript window showing the code (see Figure 8.10). Within this window, choose File > Evaluate All. Then close the window.

Now that the code has been evaluated, it is part of VIZ. Run the utility.

5. In the MAXScript rollout, select ObjectID Assigner from the Utilities drop-down list box.

6. Click the Assign button once; that's it.

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