Figure 9.3

The image size after incremental small increases

TIP Repetitive steps are a sign that you should record an action. Try recording step 6 as an action that you can quickly replay with a keystroke (see Chapter 7).

The resulting image will be crisper and less pixelated than an image that was resampled up to this size from the smaller original in one shot. The document now measures more than 7 by 5 inches at reasonable print resolution, so we are ready to open the relevant print dialog boxes. The dialog boxes you'll have to open are seemingly organized backward, because you'll have to open a slew of them to make your first settings.

8. Choose File > Print With Preview or choose Alt+Ctrl+P to open the Print dialog box (see Figure 9.4). This dialog box will remain open in this tutorial until the document is sent to the printer.

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