Filling with Flat Color and Gradients

Now that you have filled in the countertops with patterns, some remaining areas, such as the stove and the barstool legs, need some basic flat color. And let's use gradient overlays to color in the refrigerator and sink.

1. Create a new layer called Flat Color; give this layer a yellow color in the Layers palette. With the Paint Bucket tool selected, change the Fill drop-down to Foreground, set Tolerance to 1, uncheck Anti-aliased, and check Contiguous and All Layers on the Options bar. Fill the dividing space between the walnut bar and the mahogany countertop with black.

2. Click the foreground color swatch in the toolbox and select a medium gray from the Color Picker. Fill the doors in with medium gray.

3. Zoom in closer to the stove. Fill in the body of the stove with medium gray. Fill the background of the stove's burners with a darker gray and the knobs on the front of the stove with black. Fill the edge of the sink and the faucet itself with light gray; however, do not fill the sinks themselves yet.

WARNING Sometimes fill spills out of enclosed areas and floods a larger space. If this happens, you have to undo. The reason fill escapes an enclosure can be as simple as a single missing pixel in the boundary. The fix is easy; track down the break in the boundary, and repair it with pixels using the Pencil tool. Be careful to repair a broken boundary on the same layer as the boundary line work.

For a more flexible approach, apply flat colors using a layer style; that way you can change the color more easily in the future if you change your mind.

4. Toggle off the visibility of the Drop Shadow effect on the Walnut layer. (We need to do this before we can fill the barstools, because the shadow interferes with the barstool boundary.)

5. Create a new layer called Barstools. (Press Shift+Ctrl+N, name the layer, and give it a green color.) Press D to set the default colors, and select the Paint Bucket tool from the toolbox. Fill each barstool seat with black.

6. Apply a Color Overlay layer style to the Barstools layer. In the Layer Style dialog box click the color swatch and select a beige color. Click OK to close the Color Picker.

7. To give the stools more interesting variation, click Satin in the left pane of the Layer Style dialog box. In the Satin controls (see Figure 5.39), set Distance to 9 pixels and set Size to 32 pixels before clicking OK.

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