Finishing Touches

When you're done filling and styling the layers of a plan, you need to turn any effects back on that you turned off temporarily when you were filling boundaries. You might have to rearrange layer order to be sure you see effects that overlap other layers. In addition, you might need to copy Layer Style Effects—such as drop shadows—to other layers for more realism. And once you finish enhancing the plan, it is helpful to save a composite layer that shows all your work to date.

Follow these steps to complete the final checks for our kitchen plan.

1. Toggle on the Drop Shadow effects in the Walnut and Kitchen-A-mlwk-ilnd layers. Notice that you can't see these shadows; they are obscured by the Ceramic Tile layer because it is at the top of the Layers palette.

2. Drag the Ceramic Tile layer to the bottom of the Layers palette and drop it just above the Background layer. Drag the Drop Shadow effect from the Walnut layer and drop it on the Mahogany Vertical Grain layer; this copies the effect to the destination layer. Copy additional Drop Shadow effects onto the Barstools and A-door layers.

3. Create a new layer at the top of the Layers palette and call it Composite in the New Layer dialog box. Press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+E to stamp all the visible layers onto the current one.

4. Save your work as Kitchen2.psd (see Figure 5.47). You can close this file for now. You'll be opening it once more in this chapter in the "Laying Out Plans on a Sheet" section.

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