Finishing Touches

There are just a few finishing touches to add before the illustration is complete: the tree, shadows, the sky backdrop, and some fog.

1. Toggle the Tree layer on. The rendered 3D tree looks out of place in the illustration. Notice that there are also white halos around the leaves. Right-click the Tree layer mask and select Add Layer Mask To Selection from the context menu.

2. You can eliminate the white halos around any composited layer by enlarging and feathering the selection that defines its mask. Choose Select > Modify > Expand, enter 2 pixels in the Expand dialog box, and click OK.

3. Choose Select > Feather. Enter 1 pixel in the Feather dialog box and click OK. This softens the expanded selection border.

4. Create a new layer and add a layer mask. Click the layer thumbnail and rename the new layer Painted Tree.

5. Toggle the Tree layer off and make sure the Painted Tree layer is selected. Paint the tree using shades of green from the Swatches palette and the brush of your choice. Figure 8.33 shows the result.

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