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Chapter 1

The Basics

Color is represented by computers in unique ways. The relationship between bit depth and storage space is important. Photoshop's layer, paint, and filter tools have a wealth of features and options. You must be at least familiar with just a few of these basics before you can start to work creatively in Photoshop.

Fundamentals such as anti-aliasing, vectors, and additive versus subtractive color are also basic concepts that you need to know to help build a solid foundation for a broad understanding of digital imaging.

If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can go through this chapter quickly, skipping sections that present material you already know well. However, be sure to understand the basics before you dive into tutorials in the following chapters.

♦ Understanding Modes, Bits, and Channels

♦ Painting, Adjusting, and Filtering

♦ Sizing and Transforming

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