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In Chapter 1, you'll get a quick introduction to the basic concepts and tools used in Photoshop. You'll learn about pixels, modes, bits, channels, layers, painting, adjusting, filtering, text, shapes, paths, transforming, and more.

Chapter 2 delves into the subtleties involved in working with color on a computer. You'll learn about modes, gamuts, color spaces, calibration, characterization, and device profiles. In addition you'll learn how to plan your work flow to ensure consistent color printing, and you'll learn professional tips for managing color.

Chapter 3 introduces you to the digital darkroom and teaches retouching skills that you can use to improve every photo you take. You'll learn how to work with digital film, adjust tonal range, balance color, strategically sharpen and blur, and more.

Chapter 4 shows you how to extract entourage objects from photographic backgrounds to be used in architectural illustrations, renderings, plans, or elevations. You'll clean up the entourage and assign alpha channels to preserve the object boundaries and learn how to use entourage in a 3D model using Autodesk VIZ.

Chapter 5 looks at how to enhance AutoCAD plan drawings with the power of Photoshop. You'll add tone, color, pattern, gradient, transparency, and shadow to line drawings that pop the presentation up to a new level.

Chapter 6 examines the traditional elevation line drawing and dresses it up with Photoshop's layer style effects, shadows, reflection and refraction, and entourage. Your clients will understand your colorized elevations much more readily after you master the techniques presented in this chapter.

In Chapter 7, you'll learn the art of compositing whereby you transfer 3D objects in Autodesk VIZ to image layers in Photoshop. You'll then use Photoshop to make the objects appear realistic with real-time layer style effects, adjustment layers, and clipping groups.

Chapter 8 opens the door to non-photo-realistic illustrations that you can make in Photoshop based on a 3D model from Autodesk VIZ. Illustrations stimulate the imagination and can have a range of appearances from pencil sketches to watercolors and painted looks.

Chapter 9 prepares you to show digital work to your clients by producing prints, e-mailing images, generating a web photo gallery, creating optimized web pages, and presenting slide shows. You'll finally learn strategies for protecting and cataloging your intellectual property with metadata, watermarks, and passwords.

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Learn Photoshop Now

Learn Photoshop Now

This first volume will guide you through the basics of Photoshop. Well start at the beginning and slowly be working our way through to the more advanced stuff but dont worry its all aimed at the total newbie.

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