You and Your Entourage

Entourage is a term used in traditional architectural illustration to describe elements added to a rendering that place a building in the context of its environment and relate it to human scale. Examples of entourage are people, furniture, cars, trees, plants, and flowers. This chapter will teach you how to extract and enhance image-based 2D entourage in Photoshop and then show you how to employ it in the 3D world of Autodesk VIZ.

Although it is possible to create true 3D entourage in Autodesk VIZ or to buy 3D models of cars, people, and trees, doing so may be overkill for most projects. Using 3D entourage might not produce photo-realistic results for your rendering in a reasonable time frame because it requires far greater rendering time as compared with image-based 2D entourage. However, in some instances using true 3D entourage makes sense, such as in an animation, where a moving point of view exposes the flatness of the entourage illusion.

You can use photographic entourage directly in Photoshop without ever using a 3D program. (See Chapter 6, "Elevating the Elevation," to learn how to use entourage in an elevation made from an AutoCAD drawing.) You can also use entourage in 3D scenes that are composited from image elements in Photoshop (see Chapter 7, "Illustrating Architecture").

♦ Extracting Entourage

♦ Enhancing Entourage

♦ Using Entourage in Autodesk VIZ

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