1. Make sure the correct color profiles are applied.

How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Part of your color-management workflow, make sure that you'll be working in the correction color space. To check which color space you're working in, choose Edit1I-Assign Profile.

Figure 10-2 shows the Assign Profile window with Working RGB: Adobe RGB (1998) chosen. This is a typical working space you'll be working in for most of your photos.

HBBg If the color settings made in

Camera Raw differ from those you specified in the Camera Raw Workflow settings to match the color space in Photoshop, you get a Color Settings Mismatch message like the one shown in Figure 10-3. At least the Embedded Profile Mismatch window lets you choose the profile embedded with the image (here, the Space setting chosen in Camera Raw) or the color space setting made in the Photoshop Color Settings.

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