2. Set up proofing and proof your colors.

If you're processing an image and know its final destination (such as a particular printer, paper, or the Web), make sure you set up and turn on proofing. Choose ViewOProof SetupO Custom. Choose the target profile that matches your output destination from the Device to Simulate drop-down list (in the Customize Proof Condition window shown in Figure 10-4).

Figure 10-2: Making sure the correct color profile is chosen.

Figure 10-2: Making sure the correct color profile is chosen.

Figure 10-3: The Embedded Profile Mismatch window.
Figure 10-4: Selecting an output profile to simulate on your monitor.

If your color management is set up correctly, then choosing the correct color space and device to simulate on your monitor should give you an accurate view of the image as it will appear on your printer or the Web. Any adjustments you make from here should give you results that match what's finally printed or displayed on the Web.

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