Figure 3-7 shows the Working RGB set to Adobe RGB (1998). (Use the Don't Color Manage This Document selection only if you might want to submit your images to a third party, and you don't know how your images will be color managed.)

an image is as follows:

an image is as follows:

Figure 3-7: Assigning a color profile to a photograph.

Figure 3-7: Assigning a color profile to a photograph.

3. Select another profile from the drop-down list provided by the third option (see Figure 3-8) if you desire.

This choice is rare for most photographers, but you can use this option to assign a specific profile. For example, a printing company for press services may have supplied you with a required profile. You may also want to convert an existing image to sRGB if you are going to save a version of the image for viewing on the Web, but I usually use the FileOSave for Web command for that.

Figure 3-8: Selecting another profile.

For most photographs, you want to select the Working RGB option, the same option I recommend you choose in the Color Settings dialog box as your default working space. (See the steps in the earlier section, "Applying Photoshop color settings.")

The PhotoDisc target image

The PhotoDisc Target image (also called the PDI test image) comes with a number of color-management products such as the ColorVision Spyder 2. It's also included in the Mac OS. It's an industry-standard test image used to give you a direct view of how accurately the colors displayed on your monitor match what you print or prepare for the Web.

Try using this image as a visual test to compare what's on your monitor and what's actually coming out of your printer. The image is royalty-free and can be easily obtained.

To get a copy, you can download the image from my Web site at http://kevinmossphoto graphy.com/photodisctestimage.htm or search for PhotoDisc Target Image on the Web.

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