3. Turn on Gamut Warning.

Pressing Shift+Ctrl+Y (Shift+^+Y on a Mac) turns on Gamut Warning, allowing you to preview areas of your image that are considered out of gamut for the device selected in the Customize Proof Condition window. Areas out of gamut will be highlighted in gray, as shown in the photo in Figure 10-5.

Figure 10-5: Gamut Warning shows the out-of-gamut areas in an image.

When areas of your image are out of gamut, it means they're beyond the range of colors that the selected output device can produce. Results may be disappointing because your printer driver translates any out-of-gamut areas as the closest color match it can produce. If you print an image with areas out of gamut, the colors may not match, or may appear too dark, or too light.

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