For the landscape in Figure 11-28, I adjusted the color and tone of the grass without adjusting color and tone for the rest of the image. The image was shot with direct sunlight, which "washed out" some of the color of the grass area. I chose ImageOAdjustmentsO

Hue/Saturation and then turned Figure 11"28: Makm9 selectlve adjustments. up the saturation of the Yellow and Green channels to get the effect I wanted — without affecting the sky or the old building.

Putting a twist on the whole concept of selecting just one part of the image, I then wanted to adjust the color of the sky. So I chose SelectOInverse (Shift+Ctrl+I, Shift+^+I on a Mac) to reverse the selection from where it was to the rest of the image. I then chose ImageOAdjustmentsOHue/Saturation and tweaked the Blue channel to get the sky the way I wanted it. Figure 11-29 shows the finished product.

Figure 11-29:

Selective adjustment of selected areas can change an image dramatically.

Figure 11-29:

Selective adjustment of selected areas can change an image dramatically.

Using rulers and grids

Photoshop offers the capability to precisely position elements of your images. Rulers, grids, and guides are used to map out your photos, allowing you to make edits in a measured environment. The combination of these precision tools with the Snap-To feature lets you navigate precisely with your mouse or tablet's stylus.

You can apply rulers to your image window, providing measurements along the left and top of your image window. Applying grids to an image adds horizontal and vertical lines in your image window to better help you navigate. Guides provide horizontal and vertical lines to your specification in the image window. Hold down the Alt (Windows)/Option (Mac) key as you're dragging a guide to switch the guide's orientation 90 degrees.

I use rulers to help me make precision crops to images when the Crop tool just doesn't cut it (no pun intended). To bring up rulers in your image window, choose ViewORulers or press Ctrl+R (^+R on the Mac). You can change the actual units of measure on the ruler from inches to centimeters (or other units) by right-clicking the ruler (^clicking the Mac); see the image on the left here for an example.

Using grids in your image window allows you to make more precise edits to your image. Grids are nonprinting lines you can add to your image by choosing ViewOShowOGrid. The image on the right shows an image window with grids turned on.

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