6. Fine-tune the tonality and contrast, using the Curve tab.

The Curve tab (shown in Figure 4-9) lets you fine-tune an image's color characteristics (tonality). Unlike the Curves adjustment in Photoshop, the Camera Raw Curves adjustment works on top of the adjustments made in the Adjust tab; it works like an adjustment's own "fine-tuning." I find that making careful changes in the Adjust tab reduces any need to make changes in the Curve tab.

Though most of your tonal adjustments should be made using the Adjust tab, try using the Curve tab's Tone Curve selection box to view your image using the Medium Contrast and Strong Contrast preset adjustment. If you don't

| Adjust | Detail 1 Lens Curve 1 Calibrate

TVsne Curve:

Medium Contrast V

{Linear ^

Medium Contrast

[strong Contrast










Figure 4-9: The Curve tab.

like the results of either, you can always leave the Curve adjustment set to its default (Linear).

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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