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The Camera Raw window is laid out simply. Commands aren't buried in a series of menus, and the Adjustment tabs are visible (refer to Figure 1-10) when you first open an image in Camera Raw. Commonly used tools are easily available to you on the Camera Raw Option bar, and the Image window is simple to operate (with zoom controls laid out at the bottom of the image). The Camera Raw window is made up of these sections:

i Option bar: The Option bar provides tools to help you move around, select a white point of the image (to correct white balance), crop, straighten, and rotate an image. The Option bar also includes check boxes you can use to toggle the image preview on and off — an easy way to switch between the original (unadjusted) image and the image as it appears while you're making adjustments.

i Image window: The area where you can view, zoom, crop, straighten, and rotate your image, using the tools in the Option bar.

i Workflow options: The area at the bottom of the Camera Raw window where you can modify the color space, size, and resolution of an image. (Chapter 8 provides more detail on workflow options.)

i Histogram: The histogram is the graph displayed in the upper-right part of the Camera Raw menu: a graphical view of how much red, green, and blue make up the image, and how each color is distributed.

i Adjustment tabs: The area to the right of the Camera Raw window contains tabs where Adjust, Detail, Lens, Curve, and Calibrate controls are located.

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