Changing Workspaces and views

Photographers can be picky; I guess it's the nature of an artist who demands perfection down to the slightest detail. Bridge workspaces and views offer enough options to reasonably satisfy the most discerning taste. (Okay, maybe most digital photographers don't really get that finicky about Bridge workspaces, but having options sure is nice!)

] Metadata ■ Keywords Assigned Keywords: Llangolen


Fall Color Shoot






— Place

■S Llangolen

New York



San Francisco


Figure 5-16: Keywords panel.

This list highlights some of the ways you can change the way Bridge and its sections appear:

^ Change your workspace: The Window menu offers a useful range of workspaces, but the one I use most is the default, shown in Figure 5-17. It includes the Favorites/Folders section, a small preview, Metadata, and Keywords panels — everything I need for my work.

Drag to resize Drag to resize

Switch to Compact Mode Maximize window Minimize window

Switch to Compact Mode Maximize window Minimize window

Smallest thumbnail size

Slide to resize thumbnails Largest thumbnail size Thumbnail view Filmstrip view Details view Duplicate and Alternates view Drag to resize Bridge window

Figure 5-17: Customizing the Bridge workspace.

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