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All these wonderful controls, preferences, and settings really won't help you unless you have a way of saving, opening, canceling (which you'll find you can do a lot of), and closing adjusted images - without having FigUre 8-10: Control buttons for Camera Raw. to open them in Photoshop. To the rescue come the Camera Raw control buttons, located to the lower right of the Camera Raw window, as shown in Figure 8-10.

Each control button has a specific function:

i Save (Ctrl+Alt+S, ^+Option+S on a Mac): This button saves the adjustments to the image while leaving the Camera Raw window open.

i Open (Ctrl+O, ^+O on a Mac): Use this one only when you want to open the image in Photoshop, because that's what it does — and then it closes the Camera Raw window.

i Cancel (Esc): Click this button when you want to exit from adjusting the opened image without saving any changes you've made.

i Done (Enter): This button saves the adjustments and returns you to Bridge without opening the converted image in Photoshop.

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