Editing Techniques

Many photos have imperfections that you would rather do without — and here it's no fault of the photographer: Unnoticed (or immovable) power lines, oddities of contrast, dust specks, and even flies can find their way into images. When you view the photos later on a computer, you may want to change the imperfections that bug you (pun intended). Or some details stick out when vagueness would be more forgiving. (I don't know about you, but I've found that digital cameras can capture a lot better resolution than my own eyes can!) When you're taking photos of people, keep in mind that some folks don't want the sharpness today's digital cameras can deliver. After all, who wants to see all the pores or wrinkles on someone's face?

Worm holes in a peach? You can fix that. Pimples on a teenager? You can fix that, too (on-screen anyway). Power lines running across your horizon? You have an editing trick for that too!

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