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Getting around Photoshop can seem a little intimidating at first, but after you get used to working with menus, palettes, and the Toolbox, you'll get comfortable pretty quickly. The trick is knowing what features are available and where to find them. So, by way of a little exploration, Figure 1-16 shows the Photoshop window and these essential areas:

i Menus: In the menu bar you'll find a whole slew of utilities, commands, filters, and settings. Familiar menus such as File, Edit, View, Window, and Help are there, and if you're used to working in Windows or the Mac, you'll be instantly comfortable with these.

i Option bar: The Option bar resides just below the menu bar and is reserved for settings related to tools chosen from the Toolbox.

i Toolbox: The Toolbox is (well, yeah) a collection of tools you use to edit images. Many of those tools are like camping knives; they have multiple tools inside them. Just right-click a tool and you'll see a flyout menu that shows you more tools.

I sometimes refer to these tools as "my little friends" — they don't talk to me, but I can talk to them. No, really: You can use one of these tools — the Audio Annotation tool — to record audio messages and attach the recordings to an image. Talking pictures, anyone?

i Image window: The Image window is where the image you opened in Bridge or from Camera Raw resides.

i Palettes: Palettes are control panels that provide information to you or enable you to perform specific editing processes to your image. For instance, the Info palette provides color information regarding specific areas of an image, where the Layers palette enables you to view, edit, and create the needed fill and adjustment layers.


Option bar Palette well

Menu bar Image window Go to Bridge

Menu bar Image window Go to Bridge


Layers palette Info palette

Figure 1-16: The Photoshop CS2 window.

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