How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Standardizing your image management Loading and organizing images Rediscovering (and improving) older images Backing up and archiving images Processing raw images efficiently

Correcting images in Photoshop with minimum data loss Editing your images as a workflow made up of best practices

71 Tatural-born talent has always been an asset to the best # W artists, including photographers. Now that photography has transitioned to the technical realm of computers and software, however, talent alone won't get photographers through image management — or reveal how best to use Camera Raw and Photoshop. What will get you consistently good results, however, is a little practice with some of the techniques covered in the chapters of this book — and repeating them till they're second nature. Doing the same processes the same way every time reduces the effort required; the result is a consistent set of efficient habits called a workflow.

Workflow is the approach I take to every technique in this book. It works equally well whether you're managing images using Camera Raw, or making adjustments and editing images in Photoshop. Okay, a step-by-step approach isn't rocket science, but if you stick to the steps that create each workflow — consistently — you'll notice improvements in your productivity and in the quality to your photographic work. Best of all, it isn't a gadget — workflow doesn't require you to spend more money!

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